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The 555FILM campaign is actively breaking down barriers in the film industry through its drive for Respect, Inclusion and Gender, Culture and Age Diversity.

We plan to make 5 short films and develop 5 feature films, in 5 five months in 2018, hence the campaign 555FILM. Through doing this we will make a difference to progress the careers of Women in Film, BAME Filmmakers and Emerging talent in film.

Our core team is already made up of a diverse range of emerging talent and experienced crew and mentors in the film industry who regularly provide us advice and insights.

We believe a positive response to recent years in the TV and film industry is needed that addresses the highlighted issues of the lack of support and roles for Women and BAME filmmakers. What stands us out from others in the industry is our core aim to make a difference through action, through what we do, not just through what we say. Hence our core slogan below that guides our campaign.

We respect action, not just words.

So if you’re moved and intrigued by this and want to be part of something cool that has measurable impact, want to change the world and are keen to help us deliver some cool content and films along the way, then come and join us. Sign up to our Newsletter and see how you can be involved, or donate to our cause via our Donate tab. OR DO BOTH.

555Film – together we will be the change we want to see in the world.